Friday, October 28, 2011

From Kissing Potion to Koala Clips - the 70s were Super Cool

The 1970s marked the first decade of my life. I don't remember a whole lot about those years, but I do remember some of the products and the trends! My friend Jane (who is a FABULOUS blogger herself!) and I had a discussion about this when we were writing sentences and definitions together for VocabularySpellingCity. From the shampoo named for the reaction it would get you to the lip gloss that would put a spell on your suitors, the 70s were filled with far out products. Do you remember...

Kissing Potion - Oh, I LOVED Kissing Potion. This flavored clear lip gloss came in a mini roll-on stick left lips super shiny and yummy-tasting. I remember having mint flavored and bubble gum flavored. I can assure you that nobody was tasting my lips...after all, I was about seven years old. 

Body on Tap Shampoo - Yep, this shampoo contained beer (or so they claimed)..."but don't drink it!" You would have to have a pretty serious dependency problem to resort to drinking beer shampoo. Good enough for Kim Basinger... (Turns out she was also in the print ad for Kissing Potion. Who knew she was so hot in the 70s?)

Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific Shampoo - Only in the 70s could you get away with a shampoo with this name. Guess what the groovy guy said to the chick with the beautiful hair in the commercial? Yep, as cheesy as it gets.

Pearl Drops Tooth Polish - Not toothPASTE, mind you, tooth POLISH. The most memorable thing about this product? The girl in the commercial who ran her tongue over the surface of her teeth and said "'s a great feeling." After watching the commercial on YouTube, I feel dirty.

Tickle Antiperspirant - The biggest roll-on on the market. It came in four colors/scents - yellow (lemon), blue (powder), pink (floral) and green (?). This was before I really needed deodorant, but I convinced my mom to buy me some lemon Tickle. It may have prevented perspiration, but it took about 30 minutes to dry under your arms!

Slime - This neon green not-quite-gel-but-not-quite-solid novelty was sold in a small green plastic trash can (I think). It oozed through your fingers. After you played with it with dirty hands a few times or, Heaven forbid, dropped it on the floor, it was pretty much worthless. Not long ago, I came across a product in our office supply cabinet at work that had the exact appearance, consistency, and odor of Slime. It's purpose was to clean electronics. Go figure...

Prell Concentrate Shampoo - This was the ONLY shampoo my parents used for years. Actually, it must have been my dad who used it and (ironically), he was mostly bald. My mom has always gone to the "beauty shop" and had her hair "set". Prell Concentrate could easily have been mistaken for spearmint gel toothpaste, which would have made for a very unpleasant dental hygiene experience. 

Koala Clips - These fuzzy little guys from Down Under were all the rage in the 70s. You could clip them to your collar, to your hair, to your purse strap, or to the belt loop of your denim gauchos (see photo)! I hadn't come across a koala clip until I was at ISTE this past summer and one of the teachers from Australia gave me one. Too cool! 

Roller Skating - This was HUGE in the 70s! I'm not talking about rollerblades. No, this was skating with the 4-wheeled boot skates to songs by the Bee Gees, Donna Summer, and more. Skating rinks were THE place to be (and there were a lot of them around). The one I remember most was housed in a Quonset hut (I just called it the "tin can") off of Sample Road. You could wear your groovy satin shirts, shorty shorts and jackets with your knee socks! Out of sight!

Feathered Hair - Farrah Fawcett did it best. Every girl (and even some guys) wanted hair like Farrah! Feathered hair made you look like you had wings on your head. I tried but could never quite pull this look off, seeing as I had a cowlick. 

Faberge Organics Wheat Germ Oil and Honey Shampoo - OK...I'm starting to think this was the decade when manufacturers tried to come up with the longest product names imaginable. Faberge Organics had a clear word-of-mouth marketing plan for their shampoo, encouraging viewers to "tell a friend, and she'll tell a friend, and so on and so on and so on..."

I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane! If you know of anyone who might want to take the journey too, please feel free to tell a friend about my blog. Maybe then she'll tell a friend and she'll tell a friend and so on and so on and so on...

With Love and Aloha!

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