Monday, October 24, 2011

I Love the 80s Too! Do you remember...

Ribbon barrettes – In the early 80s, middle school girls not only wore them, they made  them for their friends! I can remember going to Worden’s World of Crafts and picking out different color ribbons and beads to make these awesome hair accessories. Basically, you took an ordinary, rectangular metal barrette (that was cut out in the center) and wove two colors of ribbon to cover the metal. You then let the ribbons hang down about 8 inches and tied beads to the end. Very stylish!

Dolfin shorts – these were the dress-out-for-PE attire of choice for teenage girls in the 80s. I never had Dolfin brand shorts. I always had “Dove” shorts from JC Penney instead. I remember that I had a couple of pairs of solids and a couple of pair of striped (vertical of course – more flattering).  Come to think of it, these silky shorty-shorts were also Richard Simmons workout attire of choice back in the day (and frighteningly enough, today as well).

Decorated shoelaces – Very few middle school-aged girls in the early 80s wore tennis shoes with plain white shoelaces. Shoelaces of any color or pattern that you could think of were also available at the above-mentioned-type store. Rainbow shoelaces, checkered shoelaces (to wear when you weren’t wearing your Jeff Spicoli Vans, which (of course) didn’t have laces), shoelaces with hearts, dollar signs, frogs, pigs, dogs, unicorns (oh, unicorns were HUGE in the early 80s), the list is endless. I even got a pair that said “I <3 SCIENCE” all over them at a Science Teacher’s conference in college. In searching online for a photo - I see that fun shoelaces may be making a comeback!

Rainbow shirts – In the days before the rainbow became the symbol of Gay Pride (not that there’s anything wrong with that), it marked a fashion trend for pre-teens and teenage girls in South Florida. I am willing to be that on the first day of the 1981-82 school year, one in five middle and high school girls in South Florida sported a rainbow shirt. These were white, ¾ sleeve t-shirts with a big, bright rainbow emblazoned across the front. Anybody who was anybody wore one. (I, by the way, did not own one on the first day of school, but I’m pretty sure I had one before the first semester was over). Of course, you could wear your rainbow shirt with rainbow shoelaces and rainbow socks and rainbow legwarmers. :D

Lollipop pens and such – These fruity scented, colorful writing instruments were popular back when there was such a thing as a retail store whose primary product was stickers.  Scented erasers were also big sellers, as were printed pencils.

Flea market purses – These handbags looked exactly like mini duffel bags with a screen printed design on the front. As far as I know, you could only buy them at the Swap Shop.  Mine was violet with a unicorn on it (shocker). I thought it was beautiful.

LeSportSac – Yet another handbag trend of the early 80s. I was amazed to see that LeSportSac still makes handbags today! The most popular style back then was the clutch (which I would call a cosmetic bag today). It was big enough, though to hold your lollipop pens, scented erasers, and Snoopy pencils.

Corduroy OP shorts – I still remember getting my first pair of corduroy OP shorts at Jordan Marsh.  I believe I had a white pair and a turquoise pair. I think I also got a Hang Ten (another popular brand of the 80s) shirt at the same time. It had horizontal stripes (NOT flattering). Speaking of OP – do any of my PBMS friends remember that Mr. Wooten would get mad if anyone wore an OP shirt in his class because someone had told him that OP stood for “Old People”. LOL! OP has made a comeback at WalMart. And if I'm not mistaken, I may have seen a pair of corduroy shorts among the surfer girl tees and tanks on the racks.

Neon accessories – In the mid 80s, your accessories could be seen for miles! :D Neon pink and green belts, earrings, socks, Madonna gloves, etc. were huge. I believe I had both a neon pink and neon green belt, which was great to cinch my…

Me and my BFF Isabel sporting
big sweaters, earrings AND hair
Big sweaters – Express was THE store for oversized sweaters, sweatshirts and t-shirts. Seeing as I spent my early teens on the upper end of the Juniors’ size chart, this fashion trend was a blessing for me. Although big sweaters could be worn over jeans, it was much more trendy to wear them with a pair of leggings (with or without stirrups).

Big earrings – I had some big earrings back in the 80s – all colors of hoops, squiggles, triangles, etc. But the Queen of big (fun) earrings was my BFF Isabel. She had a three-tiered jewelry box FULL of earrings. My favorite Isabel earrings were her green toy airplanes. Awesome!

I could go on and on. These were the trends that came to mind thanks to my insomnia. I hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down memory lane. I’m sure there will be future installments.

With Love and Aloha. <3 

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  1. Oooo, one of my school pictures has me with ribbon barrettes in! I SO remember all of that! I love the pic of you and Isa....those were fun days. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!