Saturday, January 7, 2012

Celebrity Look-Alikes

It seems like I am forever watching something on television or meeting somebody and think "He/she looks just like someone, but I can't quite place just who it is!" I'll sit there for a few minutes (sometimes hours or days before finally reaching that point in my memory bank that reveals the answer). Here are a few that I've figured out:

Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson (Whale Wars) looks just like the Bumble from Rudolph! (I've said this to Rob for years and when I Googled it to prove it, I found that I was not alone coming to this conclusion).

Scary, isn't it? Now, I know that Capt. Paul works down by the SOUTH pole, but still, the resemblance is striking.

Now, on to reality TV...first up, Survivor.

Is it just me, or does this past season's winner, Sophie look an awful lot like Princess Fiona?

It's not that I think Sophie looks like an ogre, but don't you see it?

How about Russell Hantz's nephew Brandon? I think he looks just like a grown-up version of Brick from The Middle. See for yourself:

Moving on to American Idol (which I really don't watch anymore)...

I've always thought that Scotty McCreery looked like Rick Astley (but sounds just like Josh Turner).

Maybe someday kids will "Scotty Swipe" each other with his YouTube videos.

Bo Bice always reminded me of Neil from The Young Ones.

OK, maybe Bo looks a little better than Neil.

Moving right up to Jersey Shore (yes, I watch Jersey Shore...Sad, but true). 

I always knew that Snooki's boyfriend Jionni (yes, that's how you spell it - Why? I don't know.) reminded me of someone. This week, it hit me...Zach from Saved by the Bell (and no, I didn't really watch that).

And The Situation's friend "The Unit" (WHO would want to be called "The Unit"?) reminds me of a combination of Pauly D. (the only man who could possibly pull off that hairstyle) and Ernie  from Sesame Street (who should probably try).

But, my favorite celebrity look-alike at the moment is my very own husband Rob and Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney. ;)

My sister has said for years that Mitt looked like a Kniskern. I'm just now starting to see the resemblance and would love for Rob to at least have a back-up plan for work (Presidential look-alike) for 2013, just in case the boating industry fails. MITT 2012!!

I know...some of you are thinking "She has WAAAAAAAAAY too much time on her hands." Really, I don't. Did I make you laugh? I hope so! (And to my Democratic'd better not boycott my blog just because I'm married to a Mitt Romney look-alike, ya hear?!)

With Love and Aloha ~ Nancy :)

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