Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chase ~ Making Me Smile for 13 Years

It seems like only yesterday I was ready to deliver my second child (with NO epidural and NO pain medication, by the way) when the nurse informed me that she wasn't feeling a head, unless the baby's head had a crack. Yup, my roller-coaster enthusiast loved to turn upside-down from the time he was in my belly! An emergency C-section later, I met my sweet baby boy (albeit with his leg stuck in a position that would make a contortionist envious). He has been bringing joy and laughter to my life ever since.

Chase has had the greatest sense of humor since he was really young. During my brief stint as a first-grade teacher in his school, his (second-grade) teacher would always come to my room after class and tell me her "Chasism"  of the day. She thought he was hilarious. Here are a couple of early "Chasisms" she shared with me:

1. Ms. B was teaching Calendar Math to her students, and she told Chase to pay attention because he was talking to his friend. He looked at her and gave her the "I'm watching you" sign. (Two fingers, pointed first at his eyes, then at her.) She said she nearly lost it. 

2. Her fiance (now husband), "Mr. Tony" would occasionally come to school to have lunch with her. Being the awesome teacher she is, she would have lunch outside with her students, so many of them, including Chase got to meet him. One day, she told me that Chase asked her, "How's Mr. Tony?" while moving his eyebrows up and down. I probably should have been mortified, but I got tickled too.

Chase always makes me laugh. A few recent "Chasisms":

1. One day, Chase was singing Stevie Nicks' "Seventeen" as "Just like the one wing bird, sings a song, sounds like she's singin'..." I said to him, "Chase, it's 'white-winged dove'." He replied, "Oooooooh, I wondered why she'd sing about a bird with only one wing!"

2. We were shopping in Pier One Imports and passed by the Clearance shelf. Chase says to me, "Mama, doesn't "A-S-I-S" mean "broken?" "Chase," I replied "A-S-I-S spells 'as is,' and yes, it usually means that it's broken." Even the tough-looking biker dude who was shopping near us (I know, in Pier One? right?) got tickled at that one.

3. Watching TV around Christmas time, a sitcom character made a comment about "nuts roasting on an open fire." Chase piped up and said - "How do you roast nuts over a fire anyway? How do you put them on a stick?" LOL! 

4. Chase tells me that he got a 92 on his BAT (Benchmark Achievement Test). I told him I was proud of him, and he responded, "Well, my scores weren't really that good, Mom. It just means that I did better than 92% of kids out there, and that's just sad!" You gotta love honesty!

And my personal favorite...

5. We were in the car when Adele's "Someone Like You" came on the radio. (Rob was obviously NOT in the car, or the station would have been changed within the first three notes!) Chase says, "Hey! Adele is ripping off the Scorpions!" I was a little confused at first, but then I realized where he was going with his thought process. "Chase," I said, "The Scorpions sing 'Noone Like You.' Adele sings 'Someone Like You'!" And we both got tickled.

Besides his awesome (slightly quirky) sense of humor (wonder where he gets it from? ;) ), Chase is a thoughtful, caring and very cool kid. He lives for going to theme parks and riding (in my opinion) the most terrifying roller coasters over and over again (he'd like to design them someday) and he's really into skateboarding now. Lucky for him, he's got a dad who can (and is willing to) build him cool ramps (like the half pipe that has muscled my car out of the garage). I thank God for blessing me such an awesome son. 

Happy 13th Birthday, Chase! Thank you for bringing so many smiles to my face and love and laughter to my heart!

With Love and Aloha ~ Mama

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