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I Love the 80s Too - Part II - Do you remember...

Since my fellow children of the 80s seemed to like my last blast from the past, I figured I'd do another one. With all the 80s music I listen to, trends keep popping in to my head. How many of these do you remember?
The guys in Duran Duran ALL
rockin' Capezios!

Capezios - I guess these were supposed to be dance shoes, but these stylish leather lace-up numbers were the shoe of choice (with or without socks) for Duran Duran in the early 80s, so naturally I had to have a pair (or two). I believe I had them in white and in grey.

The "Preppy" Look - This includes a whole range of garments and accessories. Collared polo shirts (especially Ralph Lauren's Polo), with the collar 'popped' of course, were huge for both guys and girls. The Super Preppies of course wore Oxford shirts, preferably with argyle sweater vests and socks. I believe I owned a sample of each - none of which flattered my body type at the time, but that's what trying to fit in is all about, right? ;)

Leg Warmers...worn over jeans...in Florida - Yeah. These were popular in the early 80s. I'm really not sure why. Looking back, it seems pretty stupid.

Parachute Pants - What can be said about parachute pants? Well, they had a heck of a lot of zippered pockets, they were shiny, and they were relatively waterproof. They were the IN thing in 1983-84. Watch any music video from that time period and I'll bet you see at least a dozen pairs. I had them in black (which I wore with my white Capezios to the Duran Duran concert). 

Neckless (sometimes armless) Sweatshirts with Asian Writing - Yes, I had one. It was grey with a red circle and black Asian writing. What did it say? I have no clue. Probably, "I don't know what this shirt says, but I think it makes me look cool, but it doesn't."

Coca-Cola Shirts - How on Earth did a soda brand become such a hot fashion trend? These were collared rugby shirts with the "Coca-Cola" logo emblazoned across the front, and they were extremely popular around 1983.
10th Grade Yearbook Photo
Wearing my Add-a-Bead necklace
and Limited sweater.

Add-A-Bead Necklaces - Gold was IN in the 80s (just as Mr. T or Spandau Ballet!). Add-a-bead necklaces were long, thin gold chains adorned with gold beads interspersed with more colorful beads. Mine had black cloisonne (continuing that Asian trend). 

Blazers, Sweaters, Shirts, etc. with HUGE Shouldermapads - This was a late-80s trend that I rode right into the 90s. I loved my big old blazers that made me look like a linebacker with tiny legs encased in...

Stirrup Pants - Yet another trend that I wasn't really sorry to see go away. Were we afraid that our super-tight legging was going to ride up and expose too much calf? I owned many pairs, though I was never an equestrian. The stirrups looked ridiculous when  worn with...

Sam & Libby Ballet Flats - Although these were the most comfortable shoes I think I've ever worn. But the stirrups made a little more sense when worn with...

Reebok High-tops - Really, what WAS the point of the high-top? Was the double velcro strap there to protect weak ankles? (And I know this is gonna make me sound like a total white girl, but are THESE the "Reeboks with the straps" that Shawty is wearing with her Apple Bottom Jeans? Cause, if so, I think she's a couple decades too late!) Of course, with the Reebok high-ops, you HAD to wear big ol'

Slouch Socks - often multiple pairs in mulitple colors. Better hope your shoes were a little loose to start with.

Banana-clipped hair.
Banana Clips - This was a fashion trend that I was able to work, because these long, banana-shaped (hence the name) hair clips worked great with curly hair (and curly hair was definitely IN in the 80s - the bigger, the better). You'd bend your head forward and start the clip at the base of your neck. All of your hair would be caught in the banana comb, which clipped on top. Then, curl the bangs into a ginormous wave (or roll them under) and spray the heck out of everything! (A little aside about the dangers of hairspray in the 80s. While working at KayBee Toys, I was fixing my hair in the bathroom, grabbed an aerosol can and started spraying, only to realize that it wasn't hairspray I was spraying, it was Lysol. :( Guess I can't be too hard on Rob for my recent vinegar spritz. I need to pay more attention. My hair was microbe-free, anyway.)

Bracelets (and tons of them) - It was not unusual to see girls in the 80s nearly up to their elbows in bangles. Skinny, sparkly bangles, plus those thin, black rubber bangles that are basically O-rings. We can all credit (or blame?) Madonna for starting that trend. 
This photo shows not only my Z Cavarrici's with the crazy
looped belt, but my niece is modeling an acid-washed jumper
and hair scrunchy. Very late 80s!

Acid Washed Denim - Acid-washed denim was huge in the late 80s. Everything from jeans to shorts to jackets to dresses. I'm embarrassed to say that Rob actually owned a pair of black acid washed jeans until I secretly put them in the Goodwill bag a couple of years ago. He still asks me where those pants are. SMH. 

Z Cavarrici - Now, Z Cavarrici's were more of a late 80s trend. I really got into these, because that time was my post WW days. I could actually wear pants that accentuated the waist line. For those of you unfamiliar with the Z Cavarrici style, basically they were high-waisted pants that were fitted around the top, then kind of puffed at the hip. An excessively long belt was worn that was threaded into kind of a loop to the side. I LOVED my Z Cavarrici's and I also loved my...

Express Foldover Waist Shorts and Jeans - Seriously, WHO came up with this idea? These high-waisted pants had a button fly that if buttoned all the way up would form an upside-down pizza slice up to your chin. They were very comfortable though, kind of like having your top button undone and they were oh-so-stylish!

Places to Buy 80s Fashions - This could be a blog post in itself! Hot clothing stores of the time: Express (amazingly, still around) and its sister store The Limited (gone), Burdines, Jordan Marsh, Renegade, Cacique (Isabel's choice for cool shoes), and Chess King (for the guys). I know there are lots more, but those were the only names I could remember.

RECORD stores - Back in they heyday of vinyl albums and cassette tapes, there were actual record stores! Peaches (who had a crate?), Musicland, Recordland, and my favorite, Specs. Record stores also carried posters, pins, and other assorted band memorabilia. Specs carried imports. I can't tell you how many Japanese Duran Duran books I own that I will never be able to read. Then again, I didn't buy them for the articles...

Glamour Shots - This was a late 80s, early 90s trend. I got mine done around 1991 (I think). How I wish I could find all of them. I remember they dressed me up in a leather bustier and jacket and tried to get me to look sexy. It did not work! I've always been way too much of a goofball to pull off "sexy." LOL! The funniest part about my Glamour Shots experience was the fact that I'm 99% certain that the "woman" who did my hair and makeup either was a man (or had been born a man). "She" was quite striking, but her wrists weren't exactly dainty. She knew her way around a makeup kit and hot rollers, though!

I literally could go on and on, but I'll save some of the fun for later. Hope you this latest trip back in time brought back some good memories that made you smile! :)

With Love and Aloha ~ Nancy

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