Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day with Mr. Romance

I LOVE Valentine's Day. Hearts, flowers, candy...all of it. I just love LOVE! When I love someone or something, I love with all my heart. Over the years, I have loved from afar, I have opened my heart and been rejected (THAT'S not fun!), I have loved and lost, and I have had my heart broken plenty, but I still believe that love is the most important thing on Earth. 

I spent the first 16 years of my life wishing for a Valentine. I did get that one valentine from my neighbor, Danny Tarrington (sp?) when I was really little that said, "My heart is yours." (and my brother always teased me that it said, "My fart is yourn."), but that doesn't really count, does it? I had my first real valentine when I was 17. I don't really remember much about that first special Valentine's Day, but I am sure I was a happy girl to have been in love and have been loved back. 

Rob and Me shortly before our
1st Valentine's Day
The next Valentine's Day (my first year in college) was Valentine-free. I was crazy about a very close friend of mine (who went to college out-of-state). We never officially dated, but we hung out together, sent each other letters (this was long before e-mail) and even sent each other Valentine's Day cards. Much to my disappointment, nothing ever came of our relationship. (I later found out that he wasn't really interested in girls (in that way). My heart was broken, but I got over it. By the following Valentine's Day, I had my "Forever Valentine," my husband, Rob. He is an amazing man, but "Mr. Romance" he is not.

Don't get me wrong, I love my husband and I do believe he loves me. He has been my Valentine (i.e., put up with me) for the past 22 years. He is the best father my children could ever wish for; a kind, loving husband; and my very best friend too. But romantic? Not so much. 

Many Valentine's Days ago, I decided to cook and serve a romantic candlelight dinner. Rob was pretty quiet, and didn't seem all that thrilled. (I'm really not a bad cook!) After a few moments of silence, I asked him if anything was wrong. He tentatively responded, "I kind of like to see what I'm eating. Do you mind if I turn the lights on."  OK, I'll give him credit for the fact that I had to coax it out of him, but REALLY? Needless to say, that was our last candlelight dinner. 

Past Christmas gifts from him have included "The Clapper" (Note: I was under 30 at the time!), a lawnmower (yes, I do yard work), a microwave, and wiper blades. One year, his father gave his mother a snow plow, so I'm guessing there is a genetic influence here. In all fairness, neither of us is the type of person who expects extravagant gifts from the other - especially during tough times. He has given me many nice things over the years too, but practicality often trumps romance.

Rob has had his (albeit rare) romantic moments. Like the time that he buried my engagement ring in a Publix cupcake (Mmm...my favorite!) and proposed to me on the beach (which I love). That was very thoughtful and I appreciated it immensely. (Never mind the fact that he preceded popping the question with, "Do you want me to get down on one knee?") He does usually buy me flowers for Valentine's Day, our anniversary and my birthday, in spite of the fact that he "doesn't see the point - they just die." (How romantic!) But, he knows I love them, so he makes the effort. I give him credit for that.

This year, I received my Valentine's Day gift two days early. Now, don't be jealous, ladies! I got a Bissell steam cleaner for the carpets! But, you know something, Rob cleaned the carpets for me...I guess that is kind of romantic. I DO love a clean house! Hmmm...maybe he's more thoughtful than I give him credit for after all. I think I'll keep him. ;)

Happy Valentine's Day With Love and Aloha ~ Nancy

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