Monday, October 15, 2012

Celebrating One Year of Living Aloha!

I can't believe it's been a whole year since I started "Living Aloha!" I've always loved to write and have really enjoyed having this outlet to discuss issues that are near and dear to my heart (Girl Panic ~ My Personal Struggle With Anxiety), to share my experiences (Meeting Duran Duran ~ My 13th Birthday Present), to vent a little (Dear Mike Rowe), and to just share random observations (You Might Be in the Country) and memories (I Love the 80s Too! Do you Remember...?). In all, I have written 46 blog posts, publishing 44 of those. The two unpublished posts may get published some day, or they may not. There have been times that I've felt very inspired and published one post right after another, and there have been dry spells as well (I'm kind of stuck in one right now). In any case, blogging has been a lot of fun and very good therapy as well.

I love looking at my site statistics on Google Analytics. It's fascinating to see how people from all over the world have read my blog posts, and especially interesting to see which posts have drawn the most traffic internationally. According to Google Analytics, to date Living Aloha has received nearly 1,100 visits (over 1,800 pageviews!) from people in 37 countries. Google Blogger stats indicate the number is even higher (over 2,500 pageviews).

People from as far away as Australia and the Philippines have read my blog! :) 

It was most interesting to see the results of most popular Living Aloha blog posts over the past year. The top three (according to Google Analytics) are:

1. Weight for Me Part I - Growing up Chubby is Not a Pretty Plus 
Published in February 2012
This is one of the most personal blog posts I've written (and yes, I've written a lot of personal blog posts) and probably the one that is closest to my heart. I am thrilled by the fact that this was my most read blog post of the year. (#3 according to Google Blogger stats.)

2. From Kissing Potion to Koala Clips: The 70s were Super Cool! 
Published in October 2011
Although the 80s is far more appealing to me (obviously!), more people seemed to enjoy reminiscing about the 70s. My mind has been busy dredging up some more memories from this era that may be my next blog post. (#1 according to Google Blogger.)

3. La Storia di Mia Nonna 
Published in September 2012
This was my most recent blog post and my opportunity to share the amazing story of my Italian grandmother who survived an earthquake and came to America alone to marry a man she had met only one time before. I assume that most of the hits on this post were from my family members, which means the world to me. (Ranked much lower according to Google Blogger, which ranked Casting Call-Out ~ Two and a Half Men as #2.)

I am thankful for each and every person who has taken the time to read my blog and especially those who have been so supportive and have told me how much they enjoy reading it. That means more to me than you will ever know. It makes me happy to know that my posts can bring comfort to people who are struggling with anxiety or other issues, helping them know that they are not alone. Most importantly, I love knowing that I can make people smile and maybe laugh a little too! Thank you for "Living Aloha" with me for the past year. <3

With Love and Aloha ~ Nancy 

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