Monday, February 4, 2013

Large Older Sibling is Watching

A note to my readers: This post is cryptic for a reason. Read on and you'll understand. ;)

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Facebook and post all the time. Many would say TOO much. Guilty. I do, however, try to keep controversy out of my posts. Every now and then, though, a post will appear on my news feed that I'll feel is worth sharing and so I do just that. I don't expect all of my friends to like or agree with things I post, just as I don't necessarily agree with everything my friends post. If my friends something that I don't agree with, I just let it go. It doesn't mean I don't consider them my friends anymore, we just have different beliefs and opinions and that's OKAY.

If you are an avid reader of my blog, then you know where I stand when it comes to the current state of the country in which I live. You know that I am not a fan of the one in charge, and I don't care for or agree with much that he says or does. I know that many of my friends do like him and think he has done great things. That's fine. That's one of the beautiful things about living where we do - having the freedom to have (and express) an opinion. At least I thought that was the case, until last week.

A post shared by one of my friends featuring a popular funny man (whom I find very amusing) came across my news feed. His first name starts with a 'J' and his last name sounds like a wolf-like animal who is very deserving. The post itself was a guide to help one determine which side of the physical barrier that separates one yard from the next (sometimes chain-link or wood), as it relates to the two primary groups that control the country in which we live. Let's say, it was to help one determine whether they are more of a pachyderm or more of a jackass. (Sorry, that was too easy. ;))

It compared how the two "animals" were likely to handle various situations very differently. For example, it explained how if a pachyderm didn't believe in a higher power, he simply didn't attend a house of worship; whereas if a jackass didn't believe in a higher power, he would demand that all references to a higher power be removed from society. If a pachyderm needed a little help financing taking care of his body and well-being, he would shop around or seek out employment that would assist him in financing this; whereas a jackass would expect everyone else to take care of him. If a pachyderm didn't care for a person reporting a story, he'd just watch something else; if a jackass didn't care for a person reporting a story, he'd demand that the person be taken off the air. You get the picture. It was supposed to be amusing (although it certainly had a lot of truth to it). So, I shared it with my friends on my news feed. 

Later that day, my husband told me that he was planning to share my post on his feed, but he couldn't find it. He asked if I had taken it down. I told him that I didn't. I looked on my wall, and the post was gone. I went to my friend's wall (from whom I had shared the post) and it was not on her wall either. Strange indeed. So, my husband told me that he had checked a popular site (whose name is like a combination of a beloved black and white cartoon beagle and a minty green mouthwash(and which, by the way, is heavily influenced by jackasses)), which said that Mr. deserving wolf-like animal was not, in fact, the author of my post. OK. So...maybe it had been removed for that reason??

I told my brother (who is also more of a pachyderm) about what had happened and I sent him a link to the story comparing the "animals" from another site. (This version didn't even mention Mr. deserving wolf-like animal). A little while later, my brother called me and asked if I had seen his post on FB. He said he had shared the story on his news feed. I logged on to FB and the post was nowhere to be found - not on my news feed and not on his wall. It had been removed! Spoooooooky. So much for the very first freedom that we are all supposedly guaranteed. Does this remind you of any other time in history? As my husband says, "If you like the direction we are headed, there's a pilot program 90 miles south of Key West." Are you scared yet? 

The most ironic thing about the whole situation is that the last line in the storystated, "If you are a [pachyderm], you will share this so that your friends can have a laugh. If you are a [jackass], you'll be offended and delete it." Wonder who is in (total) control? Here's your sign.

With Love and Aloha ~ Nancy

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