Monday, September 9, 2013

You Might Be in the Country IV

I can usually count on a road trip to South Georgia to provide a little inspiration for a blog post. My recent journey did not disappoint. One of the highlights of the trip was seeing my precious grand-nephew, Ethan (who turns two later this month). My sister and I picked him up at day care, where he came out carrying a John Deere toy. I asked him if he had a truck. He looked at me and (very seriously) corrected me - "Tractor." (As if to say, this yuppie woman doesn't know the difference between a truck and a tractor!) He never forgot either. The next morning when I saw him, he looked at me, pointed at me and said, "Tractor." That's right - I got schooled in farm equipment by a not-quite-two-year-old.

Hey! It's time for another installment of "You Might Be in The Country..."

If dilapidated buildings line the highway and there is not a Code Enforcement Officer in sight (and you can come to a complete stop on said highway in the middle of the day without causing an accident)...You might be in the country.
If you can pull your boat right up on the bank of the pond without ever having to worry about getting a ticket or fear that it may not be there when you return...You might be in the country.
If a plastic bucket doubles as a container to hold the pecans you pick up along the road AND your puppies' water bowl...You might be in the country.

If every store in town has at least one Duck Dynasty merchandise display (and I don't just mean the Tractor Supply Company, although it did have the best variety)...You might be in the country. (And that's a fact, Jack!)
If your local WalMart (which you have to drive at least 30 minutes to get to, by the way) proudly announces where you are and what the city is famous for...You might be in the country.
If you are ready to shoot something, rain or shine...
You might be in the country.

If your local gas station features fully-functional ANALOG gas pumps (Where do I swipe my credit card?)...You might be in the country.

If you use a Buck knife to scratch off your lottery ticket...You might be in the country.
If there is an old tobacco barn in your driveway...You might be in the country.
If your toddler pulls a "trailer" behind his ride-on...You might be in the country.
If your city's water tower proclaims the town's claim-to-fame (regardless of how obscure it may be)...You might be in the country.
If you can stop on the side of the highway to watch a breathtaking sunrise...

 as the mist rises over the farmland...

and everyone you meet has a welcoming smile...

You most certainly are in the country!

With love and aloha, y'all ~ Nancy