Thursday, November 14, 2013

The LOWESt of the Low

I may never go to Lowe's again after tonight...EVER. Tonight's experience has left a very bad taste in my mouth indeed. I witnessed, first hand, what bad customer service is. 

I'm normally very organized and on top of things. I knew that I needed to have a sink by this coming Monday, but I was waiting for my Lowe's rebate from my cabinet order. After four weeks, it finally arrived Tuesday night. I had found the sink I wanted online, and it said that it was in-stock at our local store. I ordered it and Rob picked it up yesterday morning.

Thank GOD, he asked me if I was sure that it was the right sink - pointing out that it looked an awful lot like our current sink. I looked and sure enough, they gave us the wrong one. No big deal. I called to tell them what happened and asked if they had the one I was supposed to get. The woman checked stock and said that the computer said they had two in stock, but that she'd transfer me to Plumbing to make sure. 

The guy who answered the phone sounded like I was really putting him out. Not only did he have to answer the phone, but he had to actually LOOK for something? After putting me on hold for about a minute, he told me that he couldn't find it and there wasn't even a place on the shelf for it. Great.

So, I decided to check another store. Sure, I could get it, but it wouldn't be available until December 8. Pretty much the same story at Home Depot. :( Let me tell you something, stainless steel sinks are everywhere...white undermount sinks? Not so much. I was convinced that my project would be put on hold for a couple more weeks. Ugh.

So, I had Rob put the sink into his truck for me (it weighed 75 pounds) and I headed off to Lowe's by myself. If they had that sink, I was gonna find it! I asked for help getting the sink out of the truck. Now, if you've ever been to Lowe's, you know that there are PLENTY of strong, young men who work there. Who do they send to help me? A little old Cuban man...sweet as can be, but I was worried about him.

I returned the sink and she gave me a gift card with the balance. Before I left, I decided to just check the shelves for myself. I headed back to plumbing and tried (with my old lady eyes) to read the labels on the boxes. I was just about ready to give up, when I spotted it. They did, in fact, have the sink I had ordered. Naturally, there was nobody there to help me, so I marched my little self back up to Customer Service and told the woman I found it. She really couldn't have cared less, but called the department to find someone to help me. 

I headed back to plumbing, and this giant oaf of a man (at least 6'2, 250 lbs.) was there. I knew by the "Do I really have to work?" look on his face that it was the gem I had spoken with earlier. He got the 75 lb, box down with a forklift, put it on a cart and this giant man says to me, "You can push this up front, right?" "Yeah," said 5'2" a-little-more-than-100-lb. me (no doubt with a look of death, imagining the news story about a murder at Lowe's). 

I got the sink up front (it wasn't that hard to was the principle of it) and the woman actually tried to tell me that I owed another $150 (for the sink that I ordered and already paid for online). Turns out, the one they gave me was a cheaper sink. After reminding her that they gave me the wrong sink in the first place and I ALREADY PAID FOR IT, she spent another 10 minutes trying to figure out how to ring me up. 

I spent yet another 10 minutes waiting for a "loader" to help me to the car. I see this big guy come up front and assume he's my loader, but he turns around and wanders away. Who appears to help me? My little Cuban amigo. I almost had a heart attack watching him load this heavy sink into the truck. I told him about the guy in the Plumbing department who asked if I could push the sink up the the front. He replied (in broken English), "big mother f***er!" and shook his head. I love that guy. At least one member of the Lowe's team knows what customer service is all about!

So, after doing everybody else's jobs for them, I got the sink that I ordered, only to come home and shovel concrete. 

With Love and Aloha ~ Nancy